green business forum

Green Business Forum, 17 april 2024 - Copenhagen Business School

‘Making green food mainstream’ - How can we name & frame “really new” plant-based food products for a greener future?


To meet the climate challenges and improve animal welfare, and our own, we need to eat more plants and less meat. Still, more people agree, but there is a major linguistic-psychological challenge to overcome. The market is dominated by plant-based (and other) “copies” of well-known meat products carrying names like NonBurger and Chili-sin-Carne. To ensure a lasting effect, “really new" green products are (also) needed that simply “are what they are”, taste great, and appeal to a broader range of consumers. Moreover, they must be known by consumers by names that they can make their own and naturally put on their grocery lists.

To accelerate these developments, an alliance has been established between the frontrunner companies Naturli’ Foods and Perfect Season, the FairSpeak group at CBS, DTU Sensory Lab, and the Danish Language Council. During the session, this agenda will be further unfolded, and the audience will be invited to engage in an interactive dialogue and a green food-tasting event.

Session agenda:

• 13.00 - 13.10: Welcome & Kick-off (Viktor Smith, FairSpeak Group)
• 13.10 - 13.30: Keynote speech from Group Vice President Henrik Vinther Olesen, Salling Group (5 mins Q&A)

• 13.30 - 13.50: Keynote speech from CEO Christian Halsted, Everland (5 mins Q&A)

• 13.50 - 14.20: Panel debate: Emil Andersen, Perfect Season; Henrik Lund, CEO, Naturli’; Johanne Niclasen Mortensen, Danish Language Council; Camilla Udsen, Danish Consumer Council Tænk; Marie-Louise Boisen Lendal, Thinktank Frej.
• 14.20 - 14.30: Outro with interactive tasting event and opportunity to ask questions.

Viktor Smith

Associate Professor

Copenhagen Business School

Henrik Vinther Olesen

Group Vice President

Communication, Sustainability & Public Affairs

Salling Group 

Christian Halsted

Executive Strategy Director & Founding Partner