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Title:           Misleading Marketing Communication
                   Assessing the Impact of Potentially Deceptive Food Labelling on

                  Consumer Behaviour

Authors:     Smith, Viktor; Barrat, Daniel; Møgelvang-Hansen, Peter; Andersen,

                   Alexander U. Wedel .

Hardcover:  164 pages (October 2022)

ISBN:          9783031112058 (print) & 9783031112065 (electronic)           

Price:          EUR 49,99  

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Misleading Marketing Communication. Using the case of food labelling, this book demonstrates that the line between fair and potentially misleading communication can be approached in empirical terms, supplementing the predominantly political and legal deliberations that determine how society deals with these issues.

By first critically reviewing the legal conception of misleading commercial practices manifest in EU law, the authors discuss whether and how it can be transposed into empirically measurable terms. Presenting four complementary experimental studies targeting recurrent grey-zone scenarios on the Danish food market, the book illustrates the potential of the so-called ShopTrip test paradigm which simulates and registers real-life e-shopping behaviour as it unfolds while yielding new types of data against which opposing assessments of potential misleadingness can be matched. The results are discussed in the light of possible paths of theoretical explanation and implications for future regulative practices, including companies’ self-regulation.

Title:           Naming and Framing

                   Understanding the Power of Words Across Disciplines, Domains, and


Authors:     Smith, Viktor.

Paperback: 120 pages (2021)

ISBN:          ISBN 9780367725938

Price:          GBP 15,19

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Naming and Framing. This book offers an innovative, unified theoretical model for better understanding the processes underpinning naming and framing and the power that words exert over human minds.

The volume integrates theoretical paradigms and empirical insights from across a broad array of research disciplines, several of which have not been combined before, and uses this foundation as a point of departure for introducing its four-layered model of distinct but connected levels of analysis. Bringing together insights from cognitive linguistics and psycholinguistics together with multimodal perspectives, Smith establishes new cross-disciplinary links, further integrating work from neighbouring fields such as marketing, health communication, and political communication, that indicate paths for future research and implications for communicative ethics.

Title:             FAIR SNAK på fødevareemballager

                     (Fair Speak on Food Packaging)

Authors:       Smith, Viktor; Sørensen, Henrik Selsøe; Clement, Jesper; Møgelvang-

                    Hansen, Peter.

Hardcover:   175 pages (March 2015).

ISBN:            978-87-92598-32-5.

Price:            DKK 295 (incl. VAT).

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Fair Speak on food packaging provides a range of science-based recommendations on how fairness-conscious food producers and their packaging designers best may achieve guidance of consumers rather than misleading them through choice of words, text, numbers, brands and images on packaging.

The problem is often perceived as legal, i.e. as a matter of respecting some rules. However, there is a growing awareness that the border between neutral information to consumers, fair sales talk and conscious or unconscious deception is not always self-evident, and that the assessment has more to do with language, concept formation, psychology, perception and sensory experience than with law.

Title:               SMV-rapport: Ærlig kommunikation gennem innovativ design af

                       emballage til nye fødevarer (SME-report: Honest communication

                       through innovative design of packaging for new food products).

Authors:         Clement, Jesper; Sørensen, Henrik Selsøe; Smith, Viktor.

Paperback:     38 pages (April 14, 2010).

ISBN:              978-87-993767-0-4.

Price:              Free (limited edition).


Online version (pdf): HERE

Honest communication through innovative design of packaging for new food products (2008-2009) is the name of FairSpeak's one-year subproject, which particularly focuses on how the workflow between company and agency proceeds, and with which linguistic means of expression, ideas are presented and discussed, when products are named and claim is made, and their packaging design developed. What happens from idea to the product launch? How should the packaging of new innovative products communicate as for consumers to avoid being misled?

Title:              Fair Speak: Scenarier for vildledning på det danske 

                     fødevaremarked (FairSpeak: Scenarios of Consumers Being

                     Misled on the Danish Market for Food Products)

Authors:        Smith, Viktor; Søndergaard, Mette Ohm; Clement, Jesper; Møgelvang-

                     Hansen, Peter; Sørensen, Henrik Selsøe; Gabrielsen, Gorm.

Paperback:    191 pages (June 19, 2009).

ISBN:              978-87-991018-5-6.

Price:              DKK 295 (236 DKK ex. VAT)

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FairSpeak: Scenarios of consumers being misled on the Danish market for food products presents a mapping of scenarios where customers are misled in Danish administrative practice in the period 2002-2007 and an integrated analysis of the underlying hierarki of problems from a theoretical as well as practice-oriented perspective. The book includes an alphabetical list of basic elements used on food labels.


Title:              Visiting the Margins: Innovative Cultural Tourism in European

                      Peripheries: Midterm Plan for the Impact, Evaluation and

                      Exploitation of Results (2022) 

Authors:        Humlebæk, Carsten; Smith, Viktor; Raad, Caroline A.; Block,

                     Maximilian; Gavelli, Livia.

Online version (pdf): HERE

Title:              Visiting the Margins: Innovative Cultural Tourism in European 

                     Peripheries: Stakeholder Map (2021)

Authors:        Block, Maximilian; Humlebæk, Carsten; Qwarnström, Sarah M.; Raad,

                     Caroline. A. & Smith, Viktor.

Online version (pdf): HERE

Title:              Visiting the Margins: Innovative Cultural Tourism in European

                      Peripheries: Updated Plan for the Impact, Evaluation and

                     Exploitation of Results  

Authors:        Humlebæk, Carsten; Smith, Viktor; Raad, Caroline A.; Block, Maximilian;

                     Gavelli, Livia.

Online version (pdf): In progress

Title:              Varefakta-mærket fra forbrugertillid til købsbeslutning. Diagnostisk

                      eyetracking-test af forbrugeres inddragelse af varefakta-mærket i

                      købsbeslutninger under simuleret e-handel (2020)

                      Short summary of key results of eye-tracking test with "varefakta"


Authors:        Smith, Viktor; Barratt, Daniel.

Online version (pdf): HERE

Title:             Forbrugeres valg af 'sund(ere) slik'. Giver øget præferencebevidsthed

                     klarere præferencer? (2014)

                     Short summary of key results from FairSpeak-tests 

Authors:        Fair Speak Group.

Online version (pdf): HERE

Books by or with participation of members from the Fair Speak Group (selection)

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Møgelvang-Hansen, Peter; Riis, Thomas; Trzaskowski, Jan (2011). Markedsføringsretten 2 edt., ExTuto Publishing, København.

Møgelvang-Hansen, Peter; Riis, Thomas; Trzaskowski, Jan; Andersen, Marie Pade (2011). Oversættelse af ICC’s Kodeks for Reklame og Markedskommunikation, ExTuto Publishing, Copenhagen.