SMV project

FairSpeak SMV-Project

Title: Honest communication through innovative packaging design for novel food products.

Period: 2008-2010.

Funding: Programme Committee for Food and Health under the Danish Council for Strategic Research (497,709.00 DKK).

Brief description: The project focused on the processes behind the creation of the full communicative potential of food packages in the context of launching novel food products, with a special view to the emergence of risks of potential miscommunication in the marketing of such products. A combination of methods (interviews, diaries, discourse analysis) were applied for uncovering the interactive mechanisms unfolding in the planning and execution of marketing efforts involving packaging design, with a special focus on the workflow between manufacturer and advertising or design agency, and the language in which different actors verbalize and discuss their ideas for product names, claims and overall packaging design.


The FairSpeak Group, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Envision Design

Jens Møller Products

Krogh & Co

Nørgård Mikkelsen Advertising

Slice Fruit

Rynkeby Foods