Title: A study of the role of decoding and visual attention hierarchies in consumers’ understanding of verbal and nonverbal design elements on food labels in the purchasing situation.

Period: 2008-2009.

Grant: The Independent Research Fund Denmark: Communication and Culture (169,000 DKK).

Brief description: The project was part of and complemented the wider research efforts of the project “Spin or fair speak: When foods talk”. The aim was to contribute to a better theoretical and empirical understanding of relationships between consumers’ distribution of their visual attention on the verbal and nonverbal design elements of food packages in a purchasing situation (the visual attention hierarchy) and the impact of the resultant search patterns on their expectations and choices (the semantic decoding hierarchy). The grant contributed to the purchase of a state-of-the-art stationary eye-tracking device for conducting tests in simulated purchase situations in support of the above goals.


The FairSpeak Group, Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Part of the tests were carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics (CCS) and the Humanities Lab, Lund University.