FairSpeak Dissemination

Title: Dissemination of new research on fair communication through food packaging design (FairSpeak dissemination).

Grant: The Danish Games Fond administrated by the Ministry of Education and Research (199,010.00 DKK).

Brief description: The project's objective was to support the wider societal dissemination of research results achieved in the project "Spin or fair speak: When foods talk” and related projects by addressing a broad target group including food producers, retailers, consumer organizations, authorities, media, and the general public. The work included, inter alia, the preparation of a handbook with 88 research-based fairness principles addressed to companies and designers, a "Pixi book” with 11 key fairness dogmas addressing a wider audience, a FairSpeak Conference with the participation of companies, authorities, researchers, and media, an information campaign organised in cooperation with the Danish Consumer Council, and broad exposure in printed and electronic media.


The FairSpeak Group, Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Parts of the dissemination were carried out in cooperation with the Danish Consumer Council, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and Coop Denmark.


Address: Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg. Denmark

Email: vs.msc@cbs.dk

Phone: (+45) 61 46 53 94



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