The FairSpeak Group investigates the decoding of condensed messages (words, texts, images, logos, etc.) under time pressure. The approach is cross-disciplinary in the intersection between multimodal and transmedial communication, language & cognition, marketing, consumer behaviour and consumer law.

Since 2007, the FairSpeak Group has been working to provide new knowledge and tools to support legal regulation, self-justice, and innovation in food naming and labelling, including nutrition and health claims. In recent years, another key focus area has been the integration of taste and eating experiences in the immediate presentation of food products in supermarkets and on the web. A major research project on this subject is presently in preparation.

Shopping with the Stone Age brain - Renowned Danish neuroscientist

Peter Lund Madsen discusses how the brain (mis)interpret product packaging.


Address: Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg. Denmark


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