Title:                   FAIR SNAK på fødevareemballager

                           (Fair Speak on food packaging)


Authors:             Viktor Smith, Henrik Selsøe Sørensen, Jesper Clement and Peter Møgelvang-Hansen.


Hardcover:         175 pages (March 2015)


ISBN:                 978-87-92598-32-5


Price:                 295 DKK (incl. VAT)



Fair Speak on food packaging provides a range of science-based recommendations on how fairness-conscious food producers and their packaging designers best may achieve guidance of consumers rather than misleading them through choice of words, text, numbers, brands and images on packaging.

The problem is often perceived as legal, i.e. as a matter of respecting some rules. However, there is a growing awareness that the border between neutral information to consumers, fair sales talk and conscious or unconscious deception is not always self-evident, and that the assessment has more to do with language, concept formation, psychology, perception and sensory experience than with law.

Title:                 SMV-rapport: Ærlig kommunikation gennem innovativ design af emballage til nye fødevarer.

                         (SME-report: Honest communication through innovative design of packaging for new food products).


Authors:           Jesper Clement, Henrik Selsøe Sørensen and Viktor Smith.


Paperback:      38 pages(14. April 2010)


ISBN:               978-87-993767-0-4


Price:               Free (limited edition)



Online version (pdf): Here

Honest communication through innovative design of packaging for new foodproducts (2008-2009) is the name of FairSpeaks one-year subproject, which particularly focuses on how the workflow between company and agency proceeds, and with which linguistic means of expression, ideas are presented and discussed, when products are named and claim is made, and their packaging design developed. What happens from idea to the product launch? How should the packaging of new innovative products communicate as for consumers to avoid being misled?

Title:               Fair Speak: Scenarier for vildledning på det danske fødevaremarked

                       (FairSpeak: Scenarios of consumers being misled on the Danish market for food products)

Authors:         Viktor Smith, Mette Ohm Søndergaard, Jesper Clement, Peter Møgelvang-Hansen, Henrik Selsøe Sørensen and

                       Gorm Gabrielsen.


Paperback:    191 pages (19. June 2009)


ISBN:             978-87-991018-5-6


Price:             295 DKK (236 DKK ex. VAT)


FairSpeak: Scenarios of consumers being misled on the Danish market for food products presents a mapping of scenarios where customers are misled in Danish administrative practice in the period 2002-2007 and an integrated analysis of the underlying hierarki of problems from a theoretical as well as practice-oriented perspective. The book includes an alphabetical list of basic elements used on food labels.

Books with participation of members from the the FairSpeak group


Peter Møgelvang-Hansen, Thomas Riis & Jan Trzaskowski: ’Markedsføringsretten’ 2. udg. 2011, ExTuto Publishing, København.


Peter Møgelvang-Hansen, Thomas Riis, Jan Trzaskowski & Marie Pade Andersen: Oversættelse af ’ICC’skodeks for reklame og markedskommunikation 2011’, ExTuto Publishing, København.


Title: Forbrugeres valg af 'sund(ere) slik'. Giver øget præferencebevidsthed klarere præferencer?

Short summary of key results from FairSpeak-tests

The Fairspeak group

Online version (pdf): Here

Titel: ShopTrip pilot study. The preference-conscious choice modelled and observed

Preliminary Report

The Fairspeak group

Online version (pdf): Here


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